Are you ready to enjoy your sunny day at beautiful bays of Kemer with fully leisure of sunbathing, swimming breaks, snorkeling and perhaps dolphins around the boat? If your answer is yes, on this boat trip from Kemer, you’ll enjoy a blue voyage on the Turkish Mediterranean to the bays of Kemer. You will discover the historical coast of the Antalya region and stop to explore the ruins of ancient Phaselis, swim in the aquarium-like bays, sleep with the soothing sound of the sea.

Our Gulet has 2 master cabins,1 twin-bedded cabin and 1 relaxing saloon. For a luxurious overnight stay or for a long blue voyage, this gulet is the best idea considering its size outside and comfortable design inside.

When compared to crowded all inclusive beach hotels’ prices on high season, you will pay almost the same amount, even less, and spend your holiday on the sea in a soothing environment. Especially, our guests who are looking for a quiet and restful vacation, choose this boat for their stays in Antalya.

Kemer is a seaside resort and district of Antalya Province on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The shore from Beldibi to Tekirova consists of a number of beaches in bays of various sizes, both stoney and sandy. The city provides a beautiful holiday for its visitors with its beaches both in City Center and nearby. For visitors who like to spend their holiday in sea, Kemer’s clear and deep blue waters provides a different experience than Antalya.

The beaches have a high importance for Kemer Tourism and protected carefully even in winter season. Kemer Beaches also provide water sport activities and gives some adrenaline to those who got bored from sunbathing. Located in Kemer Center, Moonlight Beach is the most famous beach of Kemer. Apart from that the beachs of Beldibi, Göynük, Tekirova, Çıralı and Kiriş host lots of visitors each year.

Phaselis Bay

When you are making a visit to the ancient city of Phaselis one of the most lovely things to do is contemplate the ruins from the beach. Before heading back to busy Antalya take some time for yourself at Phaselis Cove. Protected as a National Park you will find unblemished beauty and a great place to have a refreshing dip.  The cove is made up of three small bays and with the right amount of seclusion should you want to hold an impromptu picnic by the sea while you lose yourself in the beauty or in a good book. At the different coves, you will notice there are ruins of the ancient harbours that were probably used by the ancient city of Phaselis for trade and protection. The middle harbour, in particular, had a strong sea wall but it is today a shallow cove, perfect for swimming and snorkelling. You should try to see if there any ruins that might have misplaced themselves into the sea. Take a hike down the shoreline to explore the full length of this cove before making your way back towards the ancient town of Phaselis.

Moonlight Bay

Moonlight beach and park (Ayısigi), located just behind the Kemer marina, is one of the best beaches in Kemer. Moonlight beach is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide where is golden sandy and has crystal clear waters.Holidaymakers may enjoy the sea and sun for all day long at the Moonlight beach of Kemer and may also find all necessary beach facilities as well as variety of water sports activities. The Moonlight park is located behind the beach promenade and offers dining and wining opportunities for the travelers. The famous Nomad Theme Park (Yörük Park) is located here.

Alacasu Bay

Located 10 km away from Kemer, Alacasu is accessible from D400 hihgway through Tekirova after passing the Çamyuva district. Makin U turn from the Air Tram intersection and following the stabilized route on the right side, you can access Alacasu Cove.  Easily accessible Alacasu Cove is free of charge and one of the unique place of the district where you can make picnic and have sea pleasure.

Tekirova Bay

Located 27 away from Kemer, Tekirova cove is accessible from Tekirova district by following 5 km stabilized road. Being one of the biggest untouched cove of the region, Tekirova cove has a perfect route within Red Pine trees, parallel to mediterranean sea. A place where the green and blue meets, this cove will amaze you with its pebble beach and clear water. Apart from that Tekirova cove has a water source and popular place for campers.

Porto Ceneviz Bay

Ceneviz Bay is not necessarily the most beautiful beach on the Turkish Riviera. What makes this place so special, however, is the way there. Whether you take the Lycian Trail or a boat, the journey will be unforgettable. The mountain scenery of the Taurus Mountains, the meter-high cliffs and the deep blue water are very impressive. The bay was once a popular transshipment point for merchant ships that travelled through the Mediterranean. There’s not much left of it today. The beach is completely natural. The clear water is very inviting to cool off and the view is incomparably beautiful.

Adrasan Bay

Adrasan Bay is located in the District of Kumluca, in the Antalya Province in Turkey. The name Adrasan, also known as Cavuskoy (Çavuşköy in Turkish – “Cavus” means sergeant and “koy” means bay), comes from the Greek name Erdassa. The Bay of Adrasan extends along more than 2.5 km of Turkey’s southern coast. The bay includes the town of Adrasan, in addition to smaller villages and hamlets. The town (3-5 kilometers form the bay) offers a couple of local bars, a post office, small shops and an open-air market. Adrasan Bay is a naturally protected area, surrounded by a national park with pine forests, Taurus Mountains, blue water lagoons and sandy beaches. It is perfect for water sports and various outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, snorkeling, diving and deep sea fishing.

In July 2015, a forest fire erupted near the Adrasan Beach. No loss of life was reported. However, around 125 hectares of forestland was burned, affecting the junction of the Lycian Way, the beach road and the slopes of the mountains. All the trekking routes have since been restored and are traversable for hikers. All of the site’s tourist facilities have remained open.

The most popular way to get to Adrasan Bay is either by rental car, private transfer, taxi, public bus or shuttle bus – from Antalya airport (about 1.5 – 2 hours journey) or simply by using a mini bus ( dolmuş in Turkish) that travels to and from Kemer, Kumluca and other nearby towns.

It is quiet area, free of all the big-city noise, pollution and most common stressors of everyday life. Sandy beaches, blue lagoons and picturesque views from the Markiz Hill, located just at the entry of the Bay make Adrasan Bay an ideal place to collect positive energy from the sun, enjoy fresh air and enjoy the overwhelming smell of the pine trees combined with citrus groves.


Cirali is one of the world’s best beach and it provides an economic holiday which is alone with nature via its wide and long sandy beaches,in the shadow of pine and eucalyptus trees,If you interested in sightseeing,Cirali is the best for you.Aside from the clean-blue sea of this popular resort,it offers rich options that will further enhance the appeal via Chimera with mythological tales,the ruins of the ancient city of the Olympus and Ulupinar recreation areas.

Plane trees in style of monument, native Mediterranean’s pine trees and Eucalyptus trees are parts of the fragnant foliages.

Tree kilometers long beach,which is located between Karaburun and Olympus,provides that free access to use the beach and the sea to its guests.If you wish either you can reach the sea with using the ancient city way or you can choose any area of the beach to sunbathe.Another option is benefit from the sea with paying entrance fee to enter the Cirali village beach as well as parking your car.Because of the Cirali’s rich and mobile deep see life Cirali is one the most popular choise for nesting of Caretta carettas (sea turtles,for more information please look at the ‘’Caretta caretta’’ option).For this reason,to light is forbidden on the beach.Except from some small restaurants,the beach continues its virginity.The nests for eggs of Caretta carettas are protected by villagers and volunteers of WWF.

You can see stars on the sky without any effect of strong lights for illuminating the environment.In addition to all of these,you will hear a very nice song from grasshoppers and bird chorus.In itself,sunrise is a feast,a ceremony and even a birth.Due to the geographical position of the beach,sun rises from the sea and dissapears behind the mountains in the evening.Holidaymakers who that take a vacation away from the stress,are relaxing on the hammocks which are found on orange and lemon trees.


Olympos (Olimpos) is a string of pansiyons and tourist activities strung along a narrow road on the bottom of a valley just inland from coastal Roman ruins in Lycia, Mediterranean Turkey. It might be generously labelled a “village”.

Ancient Lycian ruins, an isolated beach, accommodation in treehouses and flames that mysteriously burn from the side of a mountain are some of the attractions of Olympos (Olimpos) in Turkey’s Mediterranean south.

The modern “village” is named after the Lycian/Roman city that now lies in ruins just off the beach, which in turn is named after nearby Mt. Tahtalı, the highest mountain in the vicinity, which was called Olympos in Greek times. It must be noted that this is just one of 20-odd noticeably high mountains in that northeastern Mediterranean basin, which known as Olympos in antiquity. The Olympos mountain that was the abode of the Greek gods is a different mountain in northeastern Greece.

A hippie haven until recently, the completion of a surfaced road from the main highway in summer 2009 means that there are many more people (including families with children) heading there now compared to the past. In summer weekends when many day- (and night-) trippers pour in, Olympos is similar to many other resort towns. However, former habitués report that during autumn when everyone else quits the scene, Olympos can be just as beautiful as it used to be.

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