Kemer disco boat is a two hour on-boat party. This boat party is a good way for relaxing yourself and spending an exotic evening in the water. The boat ride starts from Kemer and is the biggest disco boat in Kemer. The shadows of Kemer hotels, the magically mesmerizing night views and the southern Turkish coast make the disco boat ride very special.

The music is nonstop for all the time. There are animations and foam party which add the extra enthusiasm to the disco night. The fun packed foam party is a wonderful experience.

Complimentary drinks are served on board the boat. Also favorite drinks can be purchased as per ones wish. All kind of drinks are available on board. You can move on the dance floor tapping and shaking your legs on your favorite tunes. The five hours on board this disco boat are very musical and are full of dances.

The disco boat carries tourist from all age groups. You can find many likeminded people on board this ship and make friends with them. You can enjoy snacks and drinks with the new friends. The two hour ride is so full of fun laughter and enjoyment that as it nears its end, every person on board seems tired to hell and fully contended with the electric musical experience they had on the boat. The boat then leaves the water and moves towards the shore.

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